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  • Psoriasis
    • Inflammatory skin disease with over proliferation of keratinocytes
    • Result in accumulation of skin cells in skin surface
    • Plaques are formed on skin surface and covered with skin scales of white or silvery colour
    • Scaling will cause embarrassment and affect quality of life
    • May associate with pain and pruritus. 
    • Causes:
      • Unknown 
      • Probably related to genetic issues 

  • Seborrhoeic Dermatitis 
    • Inflammatory scaling disease
    • Common found on scalp, face and occasionally other areas
    • Red scaly rash on scalp (dandruff), central face, eyebrows, behind ears and central chest
    • Causes:
      • Unknown
      • Believed to be an inflammatory reaction related to proliferation of a non-pathogenic skin flora, yeast.